TBR for #ReadThemAllThon (updated)

I’ve decided to participate in the #ReadThemAllThon, organized by the incredibly creative 

In this read-a-thon, you can complete 8 goals that represent gyms from the Pokémon Indigo League. Completing these goals will earn you badges. Based on the amount of pages you read and how active you are in sharing your progress on Twitter etc., you earn CP to evolve your Pokémon. The full explanation and how to participate can be found here.

My Pokémon will be Spheal, because I always had this Pokémon back when I played the videogames and it is just so cute! Plus the evolutions are quite bad-ass. Here is my Trainer Card for the start of the read-a-thon:trainercard0

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Starting this blog

Hello there!

I’m just experimenting with setting up a simple blog focused on reading and all bookish things. I love reviewing and tracking my reading process on Goodreads and using Twitter to share some reading updates. However, I’d also like a permanent space to post some tags, book-hauls, read-a-thon progress, etc.

I’m a law student from The Netherlands and a huge fan of everything Tolkien or Harry Potter. I’m totally addicted to watching Booktube video’s. Because English is not my native language, I make quite some grammar mistakes, but I do my best to prevent this.

More content to come soon…