(In advance: please note that this is not a very active blog. I mainly keep revamping it when there is a challenge I want to participate in. Unfortunately I do not have the motivation to keep posting new stuff on this blog throughout the year. So, sorry if I disappear!) 

Hi there!,

So here is some basic info about Sascha the Bookowl.

I’m a PhD candidate (in criminal law) living in The Netherlands (sometimes called ‘Holland’ or ‘that small country by the coast next to Germany’). I’m a huge fan of the works of prof. Tolkien and of the Harry Potter series. The genres I usually read are YA fantasy, YA sci-fi, or YA historical fiction. But I also read some classics, adult contemporary literature and adult fantasy. I’m quite an introverted person, but I do like discussing anything book related and having interesting conversations with other booklovers online. My main passion are reading (duh!), listening to music, spending time with family and friends, and my two pet parrots

I started actively reading in 2015 when I joined Goodreads and started watching Booktube videos. Before 2015, I was always so busy with my university studies that I barely read fiction. Now, I cannot let a day go by without checking Goodreads and I make time for reading. Sadly, or fortunately, this has also sparked my love for book buying (which my wallet and shelf-space are not too happy about).

Goodreads & Twitter are the main platforms that I use to track my reading. This blog is mainly created to post content that I cannot easily post on Goodreads or tweet, such as challenges, bookish-tags, and reading progress in read-a-thons.

Feel free to ask my any questions via the contact form!